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Over 30 years ago, Craig Dean developed Crossover Car Conversions from a hobby to the leading quality right hand drive conversion and ADR compliance businesses in Australia. His son Matthew has now taken over at the helm. Matthew's skills, love of vehicles and desire to provide the very best conversions ensures Craig's passion will continue, providing the same industry leading service and quality Crossover Car Conversions is known for by reputation. Take a look around and find a conversion of years past and you will see the quality retention.

At Crossover Car Conversions we will not compromise on quality or safety. We apply the principle of producing each vehicle as if it were our own, therefore quality and safety are the key to the best right hand drive conversions in Australia today. The dedicated staff of Crossover Car Conversions always pursue excellence in ensuring all our work is at the highest level. We will never accept second best!

Our true mirror-image right hand drive conversion process is not to be confused with the inferior 'chain drive' conversion process, which is used by some conversion businesses. The Crossover logo signifies the changing of the dashboard and components from left to right hand side utilising the true mirror image process.

In July 2002 the Federal Government changed the face of the Motor Vehicles Standards Act for the importation of used motor vehicles. The used vehicle Low Volume ADR Compliance Plate Approval (CPA) scheme was changed to the used Import Plate under the Registered Automotive Workshop Scheme (RAWS). Crossover Car Conversions was once again a leader in the industry, taking up the new system and becoming the first Registered Approved Workshop in Australia.

Today, Crossover Car Conversions continues to lead the industry in quality, safety and innovation, providing you with the best value right hand drive conversions available in Australia.