2014 Dodge Viper GTS

$285,000 - NEW - VIN 1C3ADEBZ8EV100685

When you see the new Dodge Viper SRT your eyes open wider, your pupils dilate and your pulse begins to race.When you see the new Dodge Viper SRT your eyes open wider, your pupils dilate and your pulse begins to race.That’s exactly how it should be. The Viper is the ultimate American Supercar.

The heart and soul of the 2015 Dodge Viper is its hand-crafted, all-alumiinum mid-front located 8.4L V10 engine. This manual-controlled serpent of the road generates 645 horsepower, an increase over previous models, and twists out 600 lb-ft of torque.

The Dodge Viper includes a single-mode high-performance suspension or available driver-selectable suspension featuring Bilstein DampTronic select shock absorbers with street and track settings. An available five-mode Electronic Stability Control System+ helps drivers maintain control of the car under almost any operating condition.

Every corner of the 2015 Dodge Viper features a robust Brembo brake system with accent painted fixed aluminium calipers and 14x1.26-inch vented/slotted rotors. Braking is firm and confident even under extreme track conditions.

The look of the 2015 Dodge Viper is unforgettable. The Viper is designed for maximum aerodynamic efficiency and high-speed balance while retaining many of the characteristics that made it an iconic supercar. The familiar lines of broad shoulders, carbon fiber hood, roof and decklid blend with aluminum door and sill panels for a truly dynamic look.

The grandest model of the Viper grand touring car lineup, the Viper GTS is the ultimate iteration of the American exotic boasting all the premium features of an SRT and GT model, with an added list of luxury items befitting the wearer of the brand’s halo. Hand-rubbed finishes and hand-painted nose-to-tail stripes, taking 18 hours of precision, buried in the clear coat with no discernable edges are hallmarks. GTS is the gold standard of touring coupes. Proudly hand-crafted in America.

This car is due to be converted to RHD (new photo's will be uploaded upon completion). All our vehicle pricing includes quality right hand drive conversion and ADR Compliancing, which comes with a Limited Life Time Warranty, and being a brand new car, it's backed with New Car Warranty! Ready to register in any state of Australia, we assure you a quality conversion and provide technical, professional and ongoing service!

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